Who We Are

The mission of Women In Power is to inspire, educate and empower women by providing free, informative gatherings. Our goal is to identify opportunities for women to connect, share and grow in their business and personal lives. Our desire is to bring knowledge, confidence and power to all women and be an example of a new paradigm of doing business recognizing that sharing strengths with each other benefits us all.

The WIP founders are all local business leaders who have a commitment to connecting women in the community with a desire to be a resource for trends and innovation in business today.

Carolina Fernandez, Author, Artist, & Financial Advisor

Carolina's day job is as a financial advisor to a clientele of arts professionals and women investors. In her other hours she is a true renaissance woman, Mom and published author. Rocket Mom! and Country French Kitchens were written from a place of passion. And that passion has led to more than two hundred original published articles, columns, stories and anthologies, which have been syndicated by more than 50,000 online sites, blogs and newsletters. 

Ellen A. Mahony, MD, FACS
Dr. Mahony is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, known for her extensive training and clinical experience in the area of cosmetic surgery.  Her open, distinctive style of communication is the focus and refreshing highlight of her woman-to-woman oriented care.  Dr. Mahony dedicates her expertise to defining the confidence within every woman.  A process of education (knowledge), renewed confidence and ultimate power are encouraged in all women considering the value of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic enhancement.

Lisa Wexler, host of The Lisa Wexler Show

Lisa Wexler is the creator and host of The Lisa Wexler Show, a daily talk radio show.  She is the recipient of the 2010 Gracie Award for her interview with Gloria Steinem and just authored her first book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, a collaborative effort with her mother and sister.  Lisa believes that the world would be much more peaceful and prosperous if all women had access to a fine education.